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shri tungeshwar astrology point


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what is horoscope ? a horoscope is the out line of the sky of that particular time, at which a man is born it is well reconized fact that the earth resolves round the sun for that matter the time that the sun rises in different parts of the world can not be the same. it is a matter of serious consideration that the forecast based on a horoscope depends on the time of his birth. in case the exact time of birth is not taken in to account for some reason or other, the forecast as brought out in the horoscope will no also be correct in other words the exact time of the birth of the child is not known, the prediction based on the horoscope can not be accepted as correct. that is why instead of depanding on a watch to know the time of the exact birth of a child at a particular place.the time of sunrise at that place is taken as the base.

in case you are interested you may also get your own horoscope chartered out to know of your future. for this purpose you have to supply your date of birth,the name place of birth, and any other details like the exact time of birth according to as per the indian standard time. please also furnish your full address including the pincode no so that the horoscope may be dispatched to you by post or email for more information please contact to us.



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